Inverters, drive automation, control systems

Specialty of TAKOM company is electric drive automation. We exist from 1991 and from this moment we provide for our customers complex and professional service. We offer projects, professional technical advise, performance and assembly. Implementing tasks contain control systems and visualization of industrial processes , based on PLC/PAC controllers and SCADA systems. We organize trainings on configuration and operation of frequency inverters. Our offer is dedicated in particular, towards to companies operated on the field of heating, petrochemical, water and sewage and energy. We cooperate with leading companies in theirs trade – VACON and Rockwell, supplying to our customers high quality products.

In our offer there are, first of all, medium voltage inverters and inverters and soft- starts of low voltage. Frequency inverter response for smooth start of the machine and for process control with use drive changes. It affects for energy costs decreases. We use inverters made by well known producer Rockwell Automation. The next our field of operation is reactive power compensation. We offer capacitors batteries, filter chokes , active filters and other components necessary in compensation systems. Also we offer service for inverters - we repair faulty units and sell spare parts. In the scope of diagnostics we make measurements like thermography, noise measurements, mains analysis using oscilloscope . High qualified staff and worlds class technical solutions makes that our offer stands out the highest quality and for sure will meet Your expectations.
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